NextCloud/Collabora and HAProxy on pfSense

I have NextCloud and Collabora spun up. Hostnames and Let’s Encrypt certs are configured via HA Proxy on pfSense. However, I’m having trouble connecting Collabora to NextCloud.

I can get an “OK” message when I visit the Collabora URL.
Within the NextCloud settings, I chose the “User Your Own Server” settings and enter “”. I get the green checkbox confirming it’s all valid.

However, when I actually attempt to edit a document, I get a browser pop-up with a connection warning which leads to a blank white screen. I’m guessing this is probably an issue with HAProxy.

Has anyone else run across this?

I’ve never used HAProxy with Nextcloud/Collabora although I have used nginx and traefick as reverse proxies. Are you using Collabora docker or something else? Collabora is extremely tempermental and I hate when it comes time to upgrade either Nextcloud or Collabora. I had Collabora running within a VM however just later converted my setup to the VM running docker and then Collabora docker. Can you reach the collabora statistics page?

Nextcloud and Collabora are running in docker.

What’s the URI for the statistics page?

There are a few pages you should be able to reach – if you can’t reach them then there is a configuration question:


Put in the URL you are using for collabora. If not using TLS/SSL then use http for addresses.

Thanks. I can get to those. Not sure what the issue could be.

What’s the connection warning look-like? Like invalid HTTPS certificate or something?

In Safari, it’s a browser pop up that says “this is a non-secure form”, but I can click through it and just get to a blank page. In Firefox, I don’t get the error message, I’m just re-directed to a black (white) page and can’t edit the document.

What do Collabora docker logs, reverse proxy logs and nextcloud logs say? Any hint?