Nexitva User - Problems with Voicemail

We’ve been using Nextiva at our company for nearly a year now.

The mobile app is glitchy, the soft phone also has its quirks.

The Nextiva one app is worse.

The biggest problem that I’ve had and it seems to be reoccurring is voicemail. When people are leaving a voicemail, they get cut off around 30 seconds in.

I’ve contacted support, and they’ve told me that they’ve never experienced this issue before and cannot tell what is causing this. They’ve removed the voicemail box from the user and assigned a new one, but sure enough the problem comes back.

Never used or heard of Nextiva, maybe someone here will have some suggestions.

I have never worked with Nextiva, but voicemail issue cutting off after 30 seconds is very common in Asterisk.
By default, most Asterisk distributions have a setting that says, that if there isn’t two way RTP (audio streams) then we assume something is bad with the call, so lets drop it.
Now, when you record a voicemail there is obviously only one way audio, so lots of systems will drop the call.
Asterisk has a built in setting called “Transmit silence during recording” which per the documentation:

Transmit silence while a channel is in a waiting state, a recording only state, or when DTMF is being generated.

Most popular Asterisk based systems have that enabled by default.

I don’t know what telephony engine Nextiva uses, but it sure sounds to me like this is the issue here.

Thank you for the post. We are planning to switch our VoIP system. I had a call and they mentioned their app is good.
(One of the main reasons why we want to switch is Webex is not working well.)