Newb needs help with Wireguard (remote access)

Hello. I’m new to pfSense and am utterly failing at setting up Wireguard. I’m following the tutorials by Tom (Tutorial: pfsense Wireguard For Remote Access - YouTube), Christian McDonald (pfSense WireGuard Package - Project Report 010 - YouTube) and WunderTech (How to Install WireGuard on pfSense (Tutorial) - YouTube). With occasional deviations, they all seem to provide the same recipe.

Internet comes on an AT&T fiber BGW-320. The public IP is 99.35.xx.yy which the BGW presents to pfSense as The local Network from pfSense is The Wireguard Network is

I’ve tried Android and Windows peers but the handshake never occurs. I would appreciate it greatly if anyone would look at my configuration and tell me if I have some fatal error in the way I have set it up. Thank you!

Is the bgw in bridge mode? Or did you nat the traffic for port 51820 on the bgw to the pfsense address

If the traffic is not natted to te pfsense the port 51820 will be closed on your bgw.

This is a guide how to port forward on a bgw.

Thank you for replying. Yes. I believe I did. This is what the BGW has:

I should have mentioned that I have a vanilla consumer Netgear router (replaced by pfSense). I can still swap it in for testing and it successfully forwards port 51820 to an rPi running piVPN.

I figured it out. Looking at my own quote above, it became apparent to me that I was not properly bridging (technically “IP Passthrough” on the BGW320) the WAN IP to pfSense. pfSense should have been seeing the 99.35.xx.yy address. Turns out that I had an error in the MAC address in the BGW configuration that resulted in NAT.

Once I fixed that, everything worked!