New version of Xen Orchestra Appliance

Got an email a little while ago that there is a new version of Xen Orchestra out. Setting up a new computer for this right now, yes bare metal computer. Doing this on bare metal because I don’t want to have to built this every time I destroy my lab system, bought a cheap HP T630 to host XO (and probably no other tools), but it is tempting to try the prebuilt Debian VM that you can import directly into XCP-NG (bottom of this page ). Maybe I’ll try that Debian VM later.

Only took about 10 minutes to build on my HP T630 with 8GB of ram and cheapo 16GB SSD.

[edit] looks like it hasn’t been pushed forward for the open source version yet, still on 5.74.0 or am I looking at this wrong? XOA release email says 5.52

5.52 is the latest version per their blog post

Also, for my lab machines I have an XO VM that I backup and re-import each time when I rebuild. Keeps things simple and can be imported from the command line.
xe vm-import filename=XOA_LAB.xva

My 2 cents

I think its a heck of a lot easier to virtualize the XO OS. Since I’m a home user with only one xcp-ng installation, I usually virtualize XO within Ubuntu which is actually run on xcp-ng installation. Honestly it would be great to dockerize in my opinion xcp-ng, but I’m aware xcp-ng does not officially support a dockerized installation. I have no idea for example why xcp-ng (which is CentOS) could directly support a dockerized installation of XO within dom0, however all I know is that it doesn’t and this isn’t supported (although something tells me this could be hacked together). I use the jarli01 creation and updater scripts for creation of the XO web application within the virtualized UbuntuOS. I think I upgrade the installation every couple of weeks or when I have time.


Where do you store that backed up VM?

With the free version of XO you can’t re-import “orphaned” VM’s that are still on the storage pool. I’ve backed up several to the computer being used to connect to XO, but without XO being installed you can’t put them back into service.

There is something that I don’t remember seeing the last time I started testing XCP-NG, and that is the ability to directly download and install and open sourced version of XO as an “appliance”. This is detailed at the bottom of the ronivay github page:

I don’t remember seeing this back almost a year ago. I’ve been building on a Centos install, but might give this a try as well and see if I can adapt to the Debian based machine. For unknown reason Debian and me do not work well together and Centos seems more logical to me. Not sure why.

I store it on my TrueNAS system

Going to have to watch again, I put mine on an NFS share on a FreeNAS (haven’t upgraded to TrueNAS yet). When I read a few of the forum posts on this, the GUID could be an issue if you don’t have it. Or you need the paid version of XO which supports finding old VM’s and “restoring” then back into a pool after a disaster.

That is one of the reasons I make this videos and why the team at XCP-NG has them as part of their documentation. There seems to be a lot of confusion out there posted by people that have not taken the time to learn how these systems work.

OK, watching that video and realizing that I somehow missed this video. Going to study it in more depth after lunch. Only thing that brought this whole subject back around is I’m getting my lab running again, the plague kind of stopped my extra time to work on this, and now I doubt I’ll get the money to even do a halfway job of the server replacements that I need to do with the 20-21 budget (we run Sept.-Sept.).