New Unifi Wifi network

Hey guys;
First of all sry for my english; isn´t my main language. So sorry for some mistakes.
So to the question;

I never work whith ubiquit before, In my country it’s pretty expensive and even the big companys dont use “good network solutions”;

But this time my company wants to make a rly good wifi solution for the customers and we did as for some “experts” but the solutions are TOOO expensive (i mean i can buy the the infrastructure 4x if i do my self);

So the plan is:
Around 25~35Aps problably unifi-ap-ac-lr and unifi-ap-ac-pro;
switch 1 UniFi Switch PRO 48 PoE
And unifi-security-gateway-pro-4

Now to the questions;
1 Switch will do for the 35 aps? i mean the PoE is enough? (its only for wifi);

Should i use the security gateway pro 4? i see ther is alot of mixed reviws and opinions, i need a captive portal (yeah i know it sucks but they want it…) and some DPI? if not the USG Pro 4 what? Pfsense?

For the unifi controle the cloud key 2 is good? or should i buy a small “server” like i5 8gb ram ssd just for the unifi controler;

I think that is it .-.
Thx for the help and i love the youtube channel; rly good content that is hard to find;

Another thing is;
The captive portal i see the ubiquit have a option for a custon out side the ubiquit portal, i did see some github stuff but nothing that is oficial from ubiquit on how to do one or use the api;
Any one knows a opensorce captive portal that works on the unifi?
I need 2 captive portals runing for my network

we will have a gues wifi (limited and use the guest option on the unifi and have a cptive portal);
And ur internal wifi but we need a diferent capitive portal for this one; that is; if the user login on the gues ssid it will be redirect to a captive portal and if some one get in the “corporative” wifi will be on another capitve portal where he needs to login whit a user and password;

If the budget allows I would split the load between two 48 port switches that way you have some issue with a switch you have another one that can take the load. Don’t use the USG or UDM unless you need only the most basic features and DPI is really bad on them. pfsense works well and had captive portal, Untangle works well and has captive portal & DPI, but comes with fees. The cloud key gen2 is fine if you don’t have a local server to host it on.


Yeah i could ask for another 48 port switch but here is like US$1500 i mean its not worth;
May be a 48+ 24 non pro Poe? just to go safe;

About the USG its only for the rly basic; just get the wifi done, the only thing that makes me want to go on the Pfsense is the captive portal bcus in the Unifi its not clear how to get custons done

yeah untangle can get expensive very fast i ould not use it for wifi where i can get 300users…
or i dont understand how the fees work but i think its for evry client right? if i have 200 desktops/clients on my network i need to pay for all;

@edit i see on the youtube channel u talk a little about the USG do u have any videos about the USG pro 4?

Most of the unify AP’s I’ve looked at consume about 9 watts, many of the bridging PTP devices I’ve looked at are around 9-10 watts per a device too.

Your cabling runs may cause some additional power loss too so keep that in mind. I’m just going to assume an addition loss of 1-2 watts per a drop, that should leave you with 200 watts of spare PoE capacity on one switch if you were to run it off one.
Splitting half of them on a separate switch allows some flexibility and C.Y.A. protection.

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well the pro version of the 48 pro says 600max
if i get 30*10w = 300 i have 300 more to be safe;
But maybe i get a 24 poe non pro the 250w one just to make it safe;
things are getting expensive fast eheheheh

So… my reseller told me today that all the switch we have here in brazil are the Gen1;
Should be fine using the gen1 right?

Ther is no ETA for the Gen2; ubiquit needs to get the approval to sell the new switchs here;
sill pay 1500$ on the gen1 is rly bad but its what we have;

I think i will use the USG Pro;
Any one know a good video about it? dint find in lawrences yt;