New UI Cable Modem

Hello all,

Wondering if anyone was able to get one of these as I see they sold out very fast? I have been thinking of getting my own Modem and this look like the perfect thing to save me the monthly charge from Comcast… Tom wondering if you got one from UI and if you would do a review ?


Very hard to do a review, unless you have one of the supported ISP’s

At the end of the day, it is just a modem - what do you want to know about it

Yea no worries, I sure someone will put something online about it… I was just wonder how much of a interface it show when you log into the device and what all you can see.

I see no user manual on the website, must need to be in their infrastructure to see any details.

UniFi does not just send me things as they used to years ago. I assume it’s due to me being very critical and not just a fan boy of their products.