New to the game and need some vlan assistance

I can pull cable and adjust amplifiers all day long but this networking game is blowing my mind beyond the simple setup.

My topology is as follows: modem > pfSense > sg300 switch > OpenWRT AP(netgear R7500v2)

My goal is to broadcast a Guest network(no lan access) as well as normal access on my dumb AP. Maybe IOT down the road once i figure this out.

I know VLANS are involved as i been trying to watch the videos and i set one up VLAN tag 11. The AP is on port 6 of the switch and router feeds port 9. I feel stuck with tagged vs untagged. totally overwhelmed to be honest. Could someone offer some direction? I totally appreciate it.

I have not worked with OpenWRT in a very long time so I am not certain of the details on how to set it up but I do have a video that goes over the concepts of Wireless and VLAN

I would start with the OpenWrt VLAN guide, but it all depends on the hardware of the wifi interface if they support VLAN’s to the radio stack.

[OpenWrt Wiki] VLAN

I finally figured it out Friday night. It took me a couple nights ticking my family off every time the internet dropped. I was so focused on OpenWRT and port 6 of my switch that I forgot about the trunk(port 9) between the router and the switch.

At first I screwed that up too because after I set Vlan membership, i tagged it too and that took everything down but the guest network. I corrected the tag to untagged and everything has been working great. I’m still not quite sure on the tagging. Heck it’s probably not right but its working.

Thanks for your help. I don’t know how you do it all the time.