New System Builds

Okay, after the problems I seem to have encountered with my recent migration to XTM 5 hardware and the 2.5.1 release and for whatever reason my IPSEC tunnels stopping after a while, I’ve decided to bite-the-bullet and go in a totally new direction:-

Have ordered 4 x Dell G5 PCs with i3-10100 processors (based on some processor reviews here), 4 x Intel Ethernet Server Adapter I340-T4 (Need multiple WAN and LAN connections) and hope to have this all to play with within a week or so. The systems do not come with graphics cards - so looking for 4 basic ones that are stable - any recommendations?

Is it worthwhile going the Untangle route or should I stick to pfSense?

If I want to do Untangle on each of the 4 locations, is it 4 x licences (Yes, British) or is there a group licence that can be purchased etc.

I welcome advice and suggestions as plan to use these for long-term stability (hopefully, lol!)

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We push Untangle for people that want the extra filtering options, if not stay with pfsense. As for hardware, for most all of our production system we use the Netgate hardware.

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If you are going to manage 4 locations the Untangle command center management portal is great. Yes there are licensing costs but the ability to remotely manage and monitor the network pays for itself since “it just works” oh wait Apple said that.

I forgot to add they finally have mobile app, I haven’t tried it yet but if you are supporting a client and on the road not near a pc it may help.

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Appreciate that info too, always worthwhile considering.

Kinda confused at the Untangle site as to the licencing options - 25 devices etc. Can someone explain that if it’s not too complicated, or would I just go for the Home options??

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If they are all at homes you would go with the home option. It’s the best bang for the money. I have 3 setup for my personal home networking to extend to my external family members and one large VPN network across the locations.

When you start using Untangle for commercial services then that is when the pricing model is based on the number of hosts. The terms of service prohibit the home licenses to be used in a commercial environment.

Understood of course. I was just unsure of the 25 devices - whether that was internal devices connected to the firewall etc.