New QNAP switches are adding some things to the mix

Looks like there is software running on those devices. Hope you don’t mind hard coded credentials and loads of vulnerabilities. Qnap : Security vulnerabilities

I gave up on QNAP having any sort of SQA or security practices, and installed TrueNAS CORE over their vulnerable QTS.

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Agree with the poor security but Qnap does good job of supporting a wide range of ip cams. I wouldn’t trust them for a router but a switch might be ok.

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Just browsing and saw this, noticed it was new. I agree, my only interest in them if at all is as a switch.
Linus (LTT) and Serve The Home brewed up something called a Jellyfish fryer, High density NAS+Switch combo. I guess QNAP and others have a similar idea on the variation.