New Outlook Desktop Question

Hi Guys,

I had a question I wanted to know if anyone had the answer to regarding the New Outlook Desktop.

We upgrade our client’s Outlook Desktop client to the new version of Outlook, which looks more like the web version. The reason was that they use Google Gsuite for emailing, and for some reason, their Gmail account wasn’t connecting properly with Outlook desktop. However, they have multiple email accounts and are used to be able to drag emails from folders in one account to a folder in another account. However, with New Outlook Desktop, they can’t do that.

So my question would anyone know how to do that, or if anyone knows how to fix Outlook Desktop to connect to a Google Guite Gmail account? (Every time we connect it, it says can’t connect to the server and doesn’t sync. But the New Outlook Desktop syncs perfectly.)

Thank You!!

Have you tried Google Workspace Sync for Outlook - Download Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft® Outlook® - Google

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