New house Ubiquiti recommendations


Saw in your latest VLOG you have an offer on a house. Congratulations hope it goes through. I also have an outstanding offer on a house and looking at “digital pimping” it out.

I know, you mentioned you don’t have much tech in your house, but wondering what you think on the following setup:

  • ($189.81) Ubiquiti Cloud Key Gen2 Plus
  • ($104.99) IronWolf 4TB NAS Internal Hard Drive (camera storage into Cloud Key Gen2 Plus)
  • ($157.04 each) 2x Ubiquiti UniFi NanoHD (first and second floors of house)
  • ($431.99 each) 2x Ubiquiti UniFi Video Camera G4-PRO (front and back of house)
  • ($294.86) Ubiquiti UniFi Switch 16 PoE
  • ($0) Ubiquiti edgerouter-x router (already have)

Anything you’d change or swap out?

If you’re all in on Ubiquiti then go that route but looking at those prices they are eye-watering !

If you can wire up with ethernet you won’t regret it, if you can bone up on Pfsense then connect that to a Netgear switch you will save big bucks, I’m changing my views on IP cameras I think buying a Reolink with their NVR is good value (though I don’t have them I would now consider them).

You might get a lot of traffic over the IPcams if they are 24hr recording on a single LAN, put that on its own vlan for sure.

i struggled with wifi performance for years with extenders, access points etc. now I wired up and have a single access point at the top of the house, wish I started out like this.

The UniFi Nano is most likely what I will be putting in the new house as well. Unless you need more features, the Edgerouter is fine and the cameras are pricey, but I have found them to be very reliable.