New house network setup help

Hey everyone, just wanted to solicit some help/opinions on how to set up my network for my new house. Like most new houses, the main distro panel is in the master bedroom closet (not my office where I would have liked it to be). All of my ethernet connections will terminate in this box. My ISP will also more than likely show up in this box as well. So as far a connections there will be:
1 X - ISP = 1Gb
2 X - APs = 2.5Gb
4 X- IP Cameras = 1Gb
10 X - LAN drops = 1Gb

I was able to get the builder to run 2 Cat6 cables from the distro box to my office. So of the 10 LAN drops, two of them are to the office.

I have a custom build pfSense box right now but I was thinking of going with the Netgate 6100 in the new house. So I was thinking of just putting the 6100 and some kind of multi speed switch in the distro box. The box is about 13"X 26". And then just put some kind of multi speed switch down in my office where my server and storage (plex media and security camera) will live.

So with all that said, is there a clean way to do this?

Not super clear on your query but I’m guessing you are asking about your switch in the office. If that’s the case, I would connect the office switch to your main switch over a LACP link aggregation, that way you get more bandwidth and some contingency if for some reason one connection fails.

I guess you have a 2.5Gb AP because you have, depending on your budget I would still only buy a 1Gb switch, while there are faster options, I think they are still pricey, not sure if the extra costs justify sending a whatsapp message quicker.

Personally if I was you and not able to run my own cable, I would have got the builder to put in far more connections in the new house then you think you need. Once it’s done you don’t have to bother with it again. Again there is nothing to stop you running your cables from the Master bedroom to the office yourself, it’ll probably be more convenient in the long run to do so.