New home/business net work

hello mr lawrence and to all
love what you are doing on you tube, although im not always notified when you have new content. anyway,
im setting up a netwok from home and going to use Ubiquiti unifi products,
1x usg, 1x cloud key gen 2+, AP 2 or 3x nano-hd, AP 1x uap-ac-pro v2, 6x external cameras g3 and either switch, us-24-250 or the recent usw-24-poe.
have i covered it all ? which switch ?
can any ony add remove help me to travel the right direction

I can’t do much about YouTube not sending notifications, the new USW-24-POE Gen 2 switches have 16 POE ports and have better cooling. The downside is they are not always in stock at places. We have installed a lot of the previous ones without issue though.