New Gadget Questions - UDM Pro, NanoHD, G3

I’m getting a new UDM Pro, a NanoHD AP, and a G3 dome camera. I have 5 ips from comcast on the comcast router also have connection pro (lte backup). I have few questions.

  1. How do I configure them on the UDM pro?
  2. What are some of the things I can do using these static ips?
  3. What is a good way to design the network, ip scheme, firewall, etc so I that I have the ability to VPN, run a firewall, have access points (separate network for guest and non-guest), camera, IoT, etc. Any particular diagramming or simulation tool?

BTW: Thanks for the video It was awesome.


The UDM presently does not support multiple WAN IP addresses, it does not do well at VPN but it can do separate guest networks fairly easy.