New FreeNAS Build

Hi All,

I currently have my main FreeNAS server running on a Dell R710 with two L5670s and 96GB of ram. 5x4TB HGST 7200RPM drives.

I am looking to save on my power bill, while maintaining at least the performance level I have now. For now I will migrate my current drives into my new system. Black Friday I am looking to get some 10TB drives.

What I have purchased: An empty Supermicro CSE-825 Chassis. 8 drive bays, 2 more than I have now. A step in the right direction. 3 Noctua 80mm fans to quiet it down.

What I am looking to purchase:

A CPU/motherboard/RAM.

I am strongly considering a Denverton CPU, but I have also considered using a Ryzen 1700 I already own and then buying an Asrock Rack server x470 motherboard. The x470 board has the ability to have 10G on board (in copper) and I have an existing 10G card I can use (Mellanox) but in either direction that’s additional power load, and the Denverton has it built into the SoC.

ASRock Rack C3558D4U-2OP

This particular board looks very interesting. I was assuming I would have to add a 10Gig NIC and an LSI HBA to whatever build I do. With that one, I will only have to use the HBA (LSI 9211i I already have an extra one), as it has 10Gb nics already. It also has an m.2 that goes up to 110 so I can add some Optane goodness as an l2arc if I want in the future. I dont do alot of writes to the box, let alone sync writes, so I don’t strictly speaking need a dedicated ZIL device, but I do have room to add one if I wanted to.

This is primarilly just for storage. I have a seperate box for VMs.

In terms of scrubs, cpu performance, the only concern I have is that the l5640’s are several times faster than the Denverton, which is using . While the Ryzen is faster than them, while consuming half the power. The Denverton is about 1/8 the power of the l5640s.

I havent seen anyone use this particular board. Any thoughts on my build out?