New Client Project - Migrate OnPrem to O365

Hey Community,

There has been a similar question by a member back in 2019, but i’m asking again as stuff will have changed.

I have recently quoted and taken on a new client. This client is an accounting SMB that currently run an OnPrem system, they are expanding and wanted to know options.

Lets describe their current solution for context:

DomainA - registered with a provider, using webmail as a shared mailbox for all email. Multiple people accessing and big folder structure. Also has individual user email boxes, as i understand not required to be migrated as internal communications only
DomainB - registered with a hosting house. Will be used as the new .com email and domain name when migration is complete.
File server - Dell desktop in office, AnyDesk installed (single user license) multiple people connecting and using from UK, India.

Future requirement or end game is to migrate to a solution where they have control of devices, cloud based file access, and potentially softphones too.
I have consulted on using a Synology / MS O365 hybrid or full O365 solution using SharePoint. They have chosen Full O365 as the solution, and have purchased a Synology purely for running backups.

My question is Migration. I have never done this before. And by this i mean i have experience administering O365, Teams, A Little SharePoint. But not on how to migrate people. And machine control would be a new experience for me entirely.

I quoted for MS O365 Business Premium licenses which seem to come with everything required for their needs. I was looking at migrating in a phased approach … Email, Files, Phones.

They only wish to setup O365 email with their New domain name which is a .com, so email migration might well not be necessary. And at a cut over point we can add an alias to the new system and forward the old domain.

SharePoint. This would i think be a document Library. Setup seems easy enough. Not something i have ever migrated to as my experience is with Synology Drive as a service.

Anyway i was wondering if any one has experience doing this, as this is my first time i’m obviously nervous and would like some clarification. I’m even considering paying for a few hours consultation to make sure i get this correct as its a persons business we are talking about here and i want to make a good impression as well as challenge myself.

Any help or suggestions for consultants would be really welcomed on the O365 topics.


I have migrated mailboxes before from the godaddy mail server before. All I did was use the IMAP approach. Create the users in O365, create a migration on exchange online and it will sync all their mailboxes to the proper user.

for the rest of the stuff, it was WAY too much of a hassle and too much money lol.

Nice so there is at least a migration map to follow … not filling me with hope and smiles for the rest lol … thanks for your reply. Either way it will make good reading as i update the thread … hopefully its not going to be THAT much hassle :person_facepalming: :woozy_face: