New addition to my HAPROXY

I have several http systems encrypted here at the house utilizing my pfsense thru my HAPROXY. They are all in the range of behind my pfsense FW. Now, I got the bright Idea to add a 2nd Wan, cellular, to give me more availability at the house. I work from the house and during bad weather and the like I’d like to have internet if my ISP goes south.

I added a Netgear LM1200 and its working fine with gateway failover and the like.

But, the URL is not secured with http and I’d like to add it to my HAPROXY and secure it with the same wildcard SSL cert. I have added several tools/url’s in the past but they all are on the same network

The LM1200 uses an address of and I can not seem to get the IP to work as a backend on the HAPROXY.

I am sure this is a simple fix and one of you Guru’s have done this in the past.

Any help at the moment would be welcomed and appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Surely the address of the router isn’t, though? You cannot use the first address in a subnet for a host, it’s a reserved address.

The pfsense router is and my unsecure http URL Wan2 is

You can multiple HAProxy front ends, one for each WAN using the same backend.

Ok, I attempted that without success. I created a new frontend for the network where the LM1200 resides. I could not connect to it, “connection refused”. I could get to the IP address URL using http port 80. So, I think that maybe I don’t know how to do it.

My access to the URL will be from a address. Is there a routing issue or maybe a firewall rule that I have to add/update?

This is what I did in HAPROXY that did not work.
1 - Added the backend,, nothing special
2 - Created a new standalone frontend and added my ACL and Actions like I’ve done before.
3 - Created the DNSResolver entry which points to the pfsense address,

I am sure I did something incorrect.

Any help would be nice.
Thanks in advance,