Networking help needed

I work for this company where i self progress by doing online courses through SCTE. Well I am on subnetting and I can’t wrap my head around it.

Here’s an example.

You are given an IP of /24 and you need to divide it into 4 subnets. Answer the following questions:

How many networks or hosts are needed on each network?

How many bits do you need to borrow?

What is the delta?

Write down the network ranges.

Write down the host ranges.

I’m the kind of person that actually wants to learn something and not just pass a test for a raise. Can anyone refer me to something that can help me with this stuff?


This will help you understand the key points unless to you to do the binary math yourself, for exam reasons.

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When you get to know the binary math, it gets easier.

But you can start by reading this:

This is more cisco oriented, showing configs of cisco routers, but all the subnetting and such is the same.

But it is very easy to calculate if you understand how to do it.

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