Networking advise


I have 4 xcp-ng host on 1x Dell PowerEdge C6220 made of 4 blades.
Each blade has 2sfp+ and 2x1gb NICs.

I have 2x MikroTik switches (CRS317-1G-16S+RM) with 16 Port SFP+ and I also have a dell pc5548 with 48x 1gb ports.

My question is this:
Could I mix 10G with 1GB?
Should I just create a bond with the 2 sfp+ and pass all traffic in there and forget about the 2x 1GB nic or should I use both?

The SR will be a Dell EqualLogic PS6110 via sfp+

What is your recommendation?

Thank you all in advance

Anyone has any advice on this question, please?