Network / Wall Rack short depth universal rails

Many small rack cabinets cannot carry a 24-30 inch proprietary rail, even if the unit is within the depth of the cabinet. I am looking to find slide rails or shelf type universal rails that have a minimum length of 17" or less.

The only rails I have found are the Tripplite 4POSTRAILKITWM which is 14.5" minimum.

I havent found others. Do you know of sliding or fixed universal rails within this size specification?

GenesysGroup Taiwan / Plink USA have an 18 inch slide rail, NJ-2020-18, as well as a 4-post (rear rails kit 1234U-RMK) fixed mounting kit. These are likely made for their chassis and would require modification to fit other units.

Please post more rails kits that are 17 inch or less.