Network Upgrade

Hi there, first post. I am remodeling my house. My network guy has ran Cat 6e cable throughout. I will have 2 Unifi Access Points, 4 Unifi Protect cameras, 24 Gen2 switch, cloud key gen2+ and probably the USG. This will be in a wall enclosure. I am not a network guy by training, amateur hobby only. I have 1 gig down. Is the USG going to work for me? I watch Tom’s videos and I am concerned about the USG. But given the room I have work with, the USG form factor is great. Thoughts?


I I would suggest go with the edge router x. Maybe go with the edgemax switch since it can provide 48v poe and 24v poe. So you can power the edgemax router from the switch.

As I mentioned in the video, do you need the advanced features? If not than the USG / Dream Machine Pro can work. The edge routers are a steeper learning curve than the USG or Dream Machine systems. My preference is still pfsense or Untangle.

Thank you to the both of you for your response and help. Have a great weekend.


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