Network switch options

Hello Lawrence Tech, this is actually my first post, and new to forums. looking for some advice on transitioning to Unifi switches from TP-Link, here are some of my requirements.

  1. The ability to make all ports trunk ports on the switch, reasoning for this I am simulating the production environment at work. Our current setup is a vast K12 network and we pass all VLANs on all ports on our network due to the complexity and geographical challenges. I currently own a TP-Link JetStream 24 L3 switch, but TP-Link has decided in the most current firmware update to make managing vlans specifically trunk/all ports very weird. I am looking for a switch of 8-24 ports and a possible POE function to deploy at home that would allow passing all VLANs on all ports. From watching your videos I like the Unifi ease of use, in production we are a full HP shop due to the lifetime warranty for K12. I can’t afford that stuff tho still expensive.

  2. Price point 200-250 US

I just wanted to Thank you for the great content your channel on YouTube puts out, my night routine is to watch 2 hours a night and now have the wife learning as well.

My background I’m part of a team and we manage around 12k endpoints on-prem and remote, on a network that spans 140 miles.

Sorry for my bad English I’m working on it.

Thank you.

The UniFi switches have a very easy VLAN setup and you can easily through their web UI do the trunk ports.

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Unifi can handle that nicely on just about any of their switches. I think the only exception is the $30 Flex-mini. This is actually the “default” behavior for their switches. Every switch port is set to the profile “all” which means that it will tag every port with every VLAN that you add to the controller.