Network Switch for Home Setup


can someone recommend a good poe switch for home network setup?
ill be running 8 IP camera 2 AP’s and hardwire few smart tvs.
i was looking in for unifi products but people complain its has bugs.


TP-link has some affordable and stable switches

Netgear has decent poe fanless switches I use

thanks for the reply …how is it compared to unifi as i plan to use unifi ac pro as access points

no idea I don’t use unifi, can’t see any reason why it won’t work with their AP

i was considering unifi just for the ease of use and the management dashboard they provide

ill check the netgear for sure

Given it’s for your home, once you have set it up, you will hardly ever go to the switch or access point. It’s all bla bla with Unifi in the home, I can see why you’d want a single view if you are managing 100 APs but their APs and switches are much more expensive. it’s your cash spend it how you like though poe switches cost abit however you need 10 PoE ports and uplinks so that’s either a 16 or 24 port poe switch that price will sting :slight_smile:

Oh yeah Netgear GUI is crappy but the switches I’ve been running haven’t given me any issues.

Doubt you will find fanless 24 port switches so you might want to know what the noise levels are before you buy.

i have less knowledge about networking… considering that what would your recommend ?

Well I bought these over 20 years ago it helped me out. If your objective is to increase your knowledge then there ought be some decent books out there.

With 8 cameras and 2 APs you should make sure you get a switch with enough POE capability. I have a feeling 60 watts won’t be enough so you might need 150+ watts. That will help decide which switches you need. In addition, are the APs, at, bt? 24V? Same with the cameras… Need to make sure the chosen switch can offer the needed POE power requirements.

thanks for your reply

ill be using unfi aps and hikvison cameras.
i was eyeing on the unifi poe 24 gen 2 switch but was amazed to see it had only 95 wat of power
however now i am thinking to buy a poe hikvion NVR and a 16 port switch .
does it sound right ?

When you pick your specific cameras and APs, look at the wattage requirements of each. It varies quite a bit. There is also a Unifi Pro 24 port POE that has 400 watts of POE capability. Gen 1 switch has more POE wattage too. The US-24-250W has about 220 watts of POE capability.

Again, don’t pick the switch first, get requirements from cameras and APs for amount and type of POE. Then pick switch.


ill be using hikvison cameras which require 5 watts each .
and unifi aps are under 12 watts i suppose