Network solutions needed (HELP)

Hi all,

I need some details, feedback, info regarding configuring my situation.

So i will move to an new apartment (bought) and i want to install cat7 cables etc.
I will use an 10’’ wall rack for this solution. Because it is an apartment and i only have 12 CAT7 cables (networkboxes) in the wall.

Since the 10’’ wall racks does not provide switches that are enough for my project. I need to buy two of them.

So it will be like this.

:: Patch panel ::
:: Switch 1 ::
:: Switch 2 ::
:: Qotom Mini PC with VMware Esxi 1 vmware for Windows 10, and 1 vmware for PFsense ::
:: Modem in bridged ::
:: PDU ::

So the cable from the modem will go to the Qotom Mini PC.
From the mini PC it will go 1 port for 1 switch and the 3th port for the second switch.

The switches will be the Netgear ProSafe GS108PE because they have also PoE and i need to have for some AP’s and IP-phones.

so is there a possibility somehow that both switches are in the same network ? because when i configure them standard they will be working only as separated subnet. I don’t want that because i need to have connectivity between all of them at the same time.

In order for them to be in 1 network, you need to connect the 2 switches together and remove the second switch from the 3rd network port on your qotom pc.

Hi thank you for your reply so it will work without doing anything in the configuration?
When i checked on the website

Traffic Management

  • Auto Negotiation of speed and duplex modes
  • 802.3x Flow Control
  • DHCP Client
  • Dynamic MAC address management
  • IEEE 802.1Q-based or port-based VLAN
  • QoS based on WRR, strict priority, or both
  • Port-based and IEEE 802.1p-based QoS
  • QoS based on ToS (Type-of-Service)
  • DSCP Support (GS105E and GS105PE only)
  • Rate Limiting
  • Link Aggregation / Port Trunking (Static LAGs on 16 ports and 24 ports, Static LAGs and LACP on 48 ports)

The last sentence, on port 16 and more. But i have an 8 port switch, so that means no LAGS or LACP for me? because only on full 48 ports you have this kind of stuff?

Yes. A managed switch behaves the same as an unmanaged switch if you leave it unconfigured.

As to your question about link aggregation. The product page in your url does indeed state that your switches will not support that.

thank you,

do you have other switches for example with LAG or LACP that can fit in an 10’’ rack, or better solutions.

Because i want also to have 2 vlans 1 vlan for internal network/AP(wifi). And 1vlan for external access wifi on Ubiquiti AP Pro. so to avoid getting people on the wifi getting in my own network.

You don’t need link aggregation to accomplish what you ask.

Think you will find it easier to install pfsense on your Qotom and have a second machine for your vms.

You might be able to find some cheaper netgear switches on ebay with more ports and PoE.

@neogrid for me i already have the machine almost here.
So and to avoid using more machines, and louder etc. Qotom is a nice machine and powerfull as well.
Also using the Intel LAN NiC’s what is compitable with the latest VMware EsxI.

Install Esxci, create two vm’s at the moment. Windows or Server 2019 depends, and Pfsense on other vm and configure it properly.

So avoiding having more machines running. Also since this will be in the main hall to have ones without fans to avoid loudness in the rooms.

I know many here virtualise pfsense but in my experience it has been rock solid on its own box, proxmox on one or two occasions has frozen, vmware on my laptop has occasionally hanged too. Well do what works best for you, can always change later if it doesn’t work.

I’ve had 100% availability with pfSense running on a Protectli box for 1.5 years now; zero issues.

I also much prefer have my Edge/Primary router as separate hardware box . Well worth the few hundred bucks.