Network Printer and DHCP Leases

Hi All-
I have been trying to install an HP LaserJet 1320n in my network, and have it work from whatever ip address assigns to it. Once the driver is installed, I try printing, but it won’t print. I get an “printer is in an error state”.

On the other hand, the printer works just fine if I install it with a static ip. You may ask, if it work with a static IP, what is the issue then? Well, if the printer was for me, my preference is to set it up with a static ip, but it is not my printer, and I need to install it in someone else’s network…MY IN LAWS!

I would assume the easiest alternative will be to log in into their router to adjust their IP range and reserve from 192.168.X.2 to 50 for static routes. This will allow me to set the printer with a static IP, but this will be my last resort.

Is there any other work around making this work? I am able to set the printer as static with the random IP given by the router, but most likely the printer will stop responding once the router refreshes the leased IP? I have limited network knowledge, I would greatly appreciate any direction you can send my way.

Always give a printer a static IP. Always. You’ll thank yourself.


You could setup a static DHCP lease for the printer, if your router offers this function. That way the printer would always get the same IP address, even if it loses its config for some reason. Note: On some router models this function may also be called “DHCP reservation”

Great! Thanks so much for your advice. I appreciate it.

I may be late to the party but I faced the same issues. It’s fairly easy to set them up using a reserved ip in your DHCP server, however I found I could eliminate the problem using the host name when I installed the printer. That way the PC can find the printer no matter the ip address.