Network Conflict

Yesterday I needed to change the config on one of my switches (switch 1), somehow it didn’t do what I wanted, so I reset to default settings and configured the switch to my needs. So now if Switch 1 is connected to the network switches 2 and 3 along with my AP no longer connect to the internet,if I disconnect switch 1 everything works as expected.


Switch 1 is a Netgear GS116Ev2 | Plus Switch | NETGEAR Support

They are all running vlans, with LAGGs back to the main switch, the only difference is that Switch 1 is a Static LAGG (prior to my changes the network was running as expected). There is clearly a conlflict, but I can’t work out what it is, the switches IP isn’t duplicated, it doesn’t pass out DHCP …

Has anyone come across this scenario ?

Have you checked the logs on both switches? What kind of switch is the main switch?

Drop the LAGG and see if it starts working.

Were you out of LACP configurations or was there a different reason you went to manually configured LAGG?

What type of LAGG did you configure (failover, load balance, etc.)?

They are all Netgear switches, the main one is GS748Tv5.

The logs are not easily inspected, I can only see a portion of them, however, I will inspect them when I test again.

Regarding the switch in question, it doesn’t allow an LACP LAGG only a static one, so no choice.

I had a look at some other switches I have running, I noticed that some of the ports on the LAGG were on VLAN1 while others were not. I don’t use VLAN1 on my network but I will trying putting those ports on VLAN1 untagged and see if this has an effect, I have feeling this might work. Though thanks for the pointers.

Still odd that the entire network fails when that switch is connected.

Side note, I need to start working with a Netgear M4250 switch in the next few weeks. We bought it because of the ease of setting up NDI 5 and Dante settings which we are getting into with audio and video production. This is part of Netgear’s Audio Video line of products. Wish other manufacturers would follow their lead.

PITA tried it including VLAN1 but it had the same issues. I’m coming to the conclusion, the software/firmware on the switch is a bit iffy. Perhaps now is the time to test out the lifetime warranty from Netgear :face_with_raised_eyebrow: