Network Cabling Question

A little off the wall question but I thought I’d ask. My house is about 13 years old and was wired with cat5e. All runs terminate in a networking cabinet in the basement. About ten of the rooms in the house are wired with cat5, coax and speaker wires. The cable groups (cat 5, coax, speaker wire )are ziptied together at various points throughout the run. 5 rooms on the second floor are wired. 5 cable groups pass through a small hole in basement ceiling (plywood) and the run goes all the way into the attic where each cable group then splits to the various rooms. With each room, the cable group passes through the wood frame header, in between the wood studs and terminate within a combo ethernet, phone, cable jack. (I can post pictures if this would help).

I’d like to add an additional WAP upstairs and to do this, I need to run an additional line from the basement to the attic. I’m having an extremely hard time however passing a fish tape from the basement ceiling/plywood 1st floor to the attic. I can’t use one of the prior cat5 cables since the cable groups are zip tied in multiple locations. Is there any easy method or tool to accomplish this task beyond cutting a hole within the wall on the second floor to assist with fish tape passage?

Is this an outside wall you are trying to run the cable through?

Also, it is easier to run cable down a wall instead of up one. Maybe try that.

Hi Fred

No this is not an outside wall. I believe a heating duct runs in the space however doesn’t take the entire space. The problem from running top to bottom (which logically makes sense b/c of gravity and such), is that the hole in the basement ceiling is really small. I’m likely going to have to widen that, b/c with widening it would be such a small target to aim for. I can see the hole in the attic floor, however have no idea if the hole in the basement is perfectly in line with the attic hole or offset.

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