Network cable choice for home remodeling?

Hi – doing some remodeling and going to be tearing open walls (oh joy!!). Anyway I was thinking about upgrading network cabling as part of the project since the walls are open. Currently there is cat5/5e. The longest run would be from the basement to the attic so I’m guessing this maybe between 100 feet after all the turns are accounted for – (each floor 10ft high). I’ve read Cat7 doesn’t have usual RJ-45 connector and Cat8 length runs are rated at 40ft? Is cat6a rated only up to 100ft? In terms of hardware accessing the cabling - gigabit unifi switches and network cards. Just wondering if Cat6a is the best option. I don’t need to much cabling run so price isn’t the biggest factor here.

Personally I would go for cat6a as that will give you 10GbE over 300ft (100m) which should future proof it for quite a while.

Last year I plumbed in some Cat6 cable, at the time they seemed to be suitable for 10G for my runs if I was to upgrade in the future.

However, I think you need to ensure the cable is properly shielded with a core, I recall reading about interference. Honestly I just bought something it had a core with a couple layers of shielding.

Trying to maneuver this was like long metal rods which don’t like 90 degree turns.

If your crimping skills are like mine, I wouldn’t bother with ethernet terminations at all, ensure you have punch down terminations. I found that if those cable ends moved by a micron on the patch panel then the speed would fall to 100MBit.

Goes without saying but run twin lines between your main switch and your end points LAGGing them. One thing I bought which was super handy was this box in case you need to have multiple devices connecting back to the main switch without going through a second switch.

If you don’t have these already then having a 45 degree angle looks better than cable jutting out at 90 degrees!