Netgear 1100 w/Asus AX55? Looking to create affordable solution

So I am a big fan of Lawrence. Find his YouTube very informative. So much I am trying to update my system as I have problems . I use altice garagbage mesh system. Going to go modem & router. So was wondering if I can use the netgear pfsense 1100 with an asus ax55 router? Would that work? Looking for a router solution that will reach whole house affordably and is wifi 6 , maybe even supports mesh. Also does the netgear 1100 have the custom arm chipset you speak about or is just the higher priced version? What would ur ideal setup be in the affordable range.

Goals to get of altice boxes, add a firewall, VPN, add router and add security maybe even on top of the router. Antivirus etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I wouldn’t bother with the Asus router as an AP, just give it to charity.

You are better off buying a managed PoE switch and then adding an Access Point such as EAP245 | AC1750 Wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit Ceiling Mount Access Point | TP-Link United Kingdom or similar.

You will very likely get better wifi because you can place the AP in the optimal location, that model can also be used in a mesh.

I am looking for simple here. But will that work with the netgear 1100. I need a firewall. Im a beginner . All I have is the stuff from altice. But need to do something as it terrible and…. So need a firewall. From watching Lawrence’s videos the netgear products are great for pfsense especially for a beginner.

Any other ideas? Or maybe just replace the router with a night hawk and keep it all netgear?

Why can’t I find someone I can pay to set this up at my house? It’s ridiculous that the home market isn’t a thing with the way hacks are going these days. An I live 30miles outside NYC and can’t find anyone who does homes. All businesses or just security camera companies.

Before playing with pfSense you need some basic understanding of networking. pfSense is far from simple.

I do not recommend using pfSense if you are not able to apply effort in getting it operational.

Good Luck !

Yea I know it’s not simple at all. I’m not a compete newbie as I am a geek just not with the networking per say. Use to work setting up and sales at magnolia the high end of Best Buy’s we installed racks and everything. Just never done my own. So have been studying lately.

If you don’t think pfsense then what would u recommend? I can’t seem to find any out of the box , plug and play solitons that are actually real solutions. Most are pretending to be something that they are not.

I am open to all suggestions but most important to me is security and firewall and then making it work with a wifi router.

Any help ? Any out of the box suggestions. People say I should get a bit defender box or unbiguti. I can learn pfsense. But wonder if there are any simple pfsense videos just for basic home functionality. I really need a solution to the point I’m willing to hire someone but can’t find anyone in the NY metro area that does this for homes. Seems like such a missed opportunity as that market is so rip and needs this service more then ever! Anyone have a NY metro area company that sets this stuff up. Please help!

Ubiquity ER-X router (~$50) is value for money and easy to configure, as it has a startup wizard to configure basic stuff.

In my case, it works like a charm together with an Aruba InstandOn access point (~$120).

Wifi 6 doesn’t worth the money. Wait for 6E clients and then get 6E gear.