Netgate XG-1537 pfSense dual WAN routing not working on non-default gateway

Do you need to set a default gateway when you have dual WAN?

I am struggling to route ftps to a server behind the WAN that is not default.

if you are asking about setting default gateway on the server, then yes - its default gateway IP needs to match the router which is doing a port forward to it.

if you are asking about setting default gateway on the router, then yes it needs to know the default gateway IP for both WANs, otherwise it wouldn’t know how to send traffic out that interface.

I am going kinda crazy here…

XG-1537 running latest stable release of pfSense

2 x WAN with static IP

2 x LAN and 4 x VLANs

WAN2 is set as default. LAN1 has a FW rule to send all traffic out through WAN1/GW1.

Routing has been set up from WAN2 to LAN2 to a specific IP. It works fine.
Routing has been set up from WAN1 to LAN1 to a specific IP and it is not working.

If I change default gateway to WAN1/GW1, the routing for WAN1 to LAN1 works. But not the other one.

So there must be something I have overlooked. Any idea?

Sorry, I have minimal multi-wan experience on PFSense.

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Just saw the latest video from Tom. Seems to be a bug in the software we are using. So need to roll back.

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Sounds like the state matching problem with responses to packets arriving on non-default WANs

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That’s the one :frowning: And we have a customer that really need this to work…

I have added my experience to the bug tracker.

Do you know what previous version this actually worked in? How fast are they usually with bugs like this. I see this bug has not been worked on for over a month.