Netgate SG-8860 slow internet throughput


Just wondering why going through my pfsense I am getting 200mb down 40 up (comcast). Using same cable… When I bypass the pfsense I get 600 down 40 up. I have made sure no limiters are enabled. Really don’t know how to troubleshoot this problem. When I google this problem CPU capabilities issues come up and although the SG-8860 is getting old I always understood that I was capable of 1gb.

That is odd, but this can help as sometimes buffer bloat will cause issues like that.

If that doesn’t solve your problem it might be worth getting a box on the WAN side of pfSense and run some iperf tests to see if the pfSense throughput is definitely the issue.

Thank you guys. I did the CodelQ Limiter and that seems to help greatly. Getting 511 down 36.8 up so a much better speed now.

I guess my only other question is, how does this limiter work in conjunction with the traffic shaper wizard to prioritize VOIP traffic? I guess what I am trying to ask is there now a disadvantage to running the wizard now? I have spent the last trying to find the video of Tom running the wizard just to put it in context to the other limiter but having a really hard time finding that video.