Netgate SG-3100 PfSense-Snort Question

Folks - I purchased this Netgate 3100 sometime ago after seeing a Tom L review. Im not technical like you guys so I stayed away from the suricata solution and wanted a turnkey like a Snort subscription. If I understand correctly, Netgate is retiring the 3100 model, with no Gig i/f replacement. They had also previously retired their app by going to a CE which did not support Snort. I am still on their 2.4.5-RELEASE-p1 to keep my snort. I dont care if I have Netgate as a brand. I want and need Snort and a 1 gig i/f. So here is my question and I would appreciate any feedback. What other options do I have in replacing this - that would include a 1 gig interface and Snort? Should I just take an HP t730 thin and put in a gig card and run Snort off of that? thanks - mike/colorado[date=2022-11-05 timezone=“America/Denver”]

The latest documents say that Snort still works, so there shouldn’t be a problem. That said I run Suricata. If you have a Snort subscription, then Suricata can use those rules.

Thank you Greg for your reply. I will do a backup then try to go to 21.02 and see what happens. thanks again.

So I was able to update this and get Suricata - and Snort inside it - to work. I dont think I need to worry about a hardware upgrade after seeing this. Thats awesome. Thanks Greg, appreciate you posting.

I don’t know if this is still the case, but years ago Snort client was a single threaded application, Suricata is multi-threaded. I went with Suricata because of this. My current firewall has 8 cores (8 threads) so I wanted to give it applications that can use all the cores as needed.