Netgate SG-2100 pfsense Firewall Hardware Review


Just bought a SG-5100 should I be worried about a new product coming out?

SG-5100 is a much faster device and the ARM devices are still focused on the lower end line.

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Thank you for the video. Just wondering I looked at the specs as provided by Netgate. The 2100 has the very same cortex 53 @1.2GHz as the 1100, yet it is twice as fast. I don’t understand how.
@LTS_Tom: did you try to run suricata on the 2100? This blog post by Netgate mentions this as one of its selling points:
“With 4 GB of RAM, the SG-2100 has the chops to serve multiple pfSense add-on packages simultaneously - especially more demanding packages like IDS/IPS that rely upon memory-based security rule sets.”

You could probably run Suricata on it, but I would not recommend it.