Netgate Security Gateway


Very stupid question, but cannot find the answer and thought I need the definitive answer. I have a Synology NAS, MacBook Pro (via a CalDigit Connect 10G) and a XCP-ng Server all connected to a 10Gbe network, which is held together by a UniFi 48 Port Pro Switch and a UniFi switch aggregation.

I have a Netgate 3100 as the Security Gateway.

I have multiple VLANS that different devices sit on. The main VLANS are Lab, Storage, Management, IOT, etc.

Is the Netgate 3100 holding back network speeds between VLANS?

I have the opportunity to upgrade my firewall and need to know if its worth getting the 6100 over the 4100? Or sticking with the 3100 if there is no need change it but I am noticing the CPU at a minimum of 85% whenever I look at it.

I am getting some speeds over 1Gbps but I have two SFP+ ports on the NAS and thus I have a port in the storage VLAN and the other in the Home VLAN that the laptop connects to.

Can someone please help explain if the 3100 is holding back traffic between the VLANS or is the Pro switch, which is L3 doing some of the work?

Thank you in advance.

For a better understanding of intervlan routing I have a video that covers the topic.

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Thank you, must be one of the few videos I have not watched. Very helpful, as always.