Netgate/PFSense firewall settings for Camera NVR

Been watching your channel for over a year (Awesome BTW) and I have purchased a Netgate for the house and more recently an Amcrest NVR/camera system. After reading up and watching your unify/office setup I would like to setup a VPN(wireguard) tunnel so I can remotely access the web GUI on the NVR, and the Netgate GUI. What are some if the more secure ways to accomplish this? PFBlocker and wireguard pkg are installed and I’ve just became aware of snort and suricata, but I’m very new at this and trying to wrap my head around everything, thank you very much.

OpenVPN is probably better documented so you can more easily find help when things fail. You might be able to follow this:

Awesome, thank you very much for the help!

If you are able to setup up vlans, then it’s usually a good idea to dedicate a vlan to your cams, then blocking its access to the WAN. These IP cams are all a bit dodgy with dialling out, flaky firmware, security issues etc. just check out all the cams on shodan !!

The VPN dialling in will be able able to access the cams if you have gotten your rules correct.

That would be ideal, I will research on the channel about VLANs I know I saw a few over the years. Any other leads would be greatly appreciated, thank you for the help.

I saw a response video on the Amcrest channel explaining all the reachbacks, but I don’t personally trust all the hardware made in China even though they claim its all American shareholders and directed, thanks for the info

What are some common mistakes when setting rules on a VLAN with NVR Camera setups?

try starting here

Thanks for the help, sorry I was distracted by life and just got back to this project.