Netgate - Dishonest marketing technique

Hi All,
Got this email from Netgate yesterday requesting I post a review on G2 in return for Amazon gift card.
I thought why not :slight_smile:
I did the review and then got refused the card.
How sneaky is that from Netgate, borderline dishonest in my opinion.
What do you think?
Screenshots of emails attached to this post.

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open a ticket, explain, and see what they say … it could be an error on their part.

If no error, repost on their site that they are paying for good reviews… then not…

Was the email request really from Netgate?

Yes. I received one too. They are coming from “Netgate” with the email title “We need your help.”

This was the one they wanted you to vote for the PeerSpot user choice award. From same email address and email subject