Netgate 8200 Review [YouTube Release]

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Netgate 8200 Video

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:stopwatch: Time Stamps :stopwatch:
00:00 :arrow_forward: Netgate 8200
01:24 :arrow_forward: Netgate Firewall Choices
02:48 :arrow_forward: Production Workloads
06:06 :arrow_forward: Thermal performance
07:55 :arrow_forward: 10G vlan routing

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Still running 22.05 here, but will likely update soon. Thanks for the info in the video. I keep meaning to check out some of these other pfsense packages but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’m currently virtualizing pfsense but I’m leaning towards going back to dedicated hardware, if nothing else to simplify my configuration and cause less headaches when I end up having to do maintenance on proxmox that is running it.