NETGATE 7100 + switch


  1. Does Netgate 7100 have 2 pre configured vlan ? Default vlan.

  2. if it is true that Netgate 7100 does not support RJ45 Ethernet plug, when tryihg to use 10Gb port, is there still a way to connect to an macbook pro ethernet adapter with RJ45 PLUG+

  3. How many hardware switches ports are there on Netgate 7100?

  4. when talking about port, does this most often mean physical ports or virtual ports? Regarding VLAN on 7100.

  5. a switch have physical ports RJ45. IF A USER WANT TO ADD A COMPUTER, PHONE , IPad to a VLAN they all need to be connected to a physical port on one switch?

  6. how do a user add computer , iPad, phone to the two default pre configured VLAN on netgate 7100

It does not support SFP+ RJ 45 adapters and the rest I cover in the review video here: