NetGate 6100 vs 7100u

Excluding form factor (desktop vs rack), the price between the two are similar. My question is aside from the form factor why would one choose one over the other. The performance seems similar also. I know its out for pre-order, but I know several people have pre-release versions for testing. If so have you done a comparison between the two they can publish or publish day of official release? How about it Tom?

I like the Netgate 6100 over the 7100 because I don’t care for dealing with the switch port VLANs on the 7100.

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It includes the newest switching gear, 2.5G and 10G ports. That alone sells me on it.

Does anyone know a motherboard that would fit in the 7100 1U frames that can replace the netgate OEM installed one? Looking to get rid of the switch on this sucker and replace it with something that makes a little more sense to me.

Wait what the 6100 have real undipendand non “switch uplinked” ports?

Should watch your review :slight_smile:

Wish it have a 19" mount option though. Maybe they will do a rework of the 7100. Really also dont like the integrated switch cause you cant map VLAN X on ix0 and Port Y for example :frowning:

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Same I love the 6100 and will more than likely end up with this but it would have been nice to have a 1U rack option.

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