Netgate 6100 still a good buy in 2023

ISP is running fiber to the house and my Netgate 3100 can’t cut the mustard anymore. The ISP is running 2Gb symmetrical and I think the 6100 would work nicely. I am upgrading my Unify switches to be 10GB along the way. My question is the 6100 still a good buy in 2023? It fits the bill, but I am a little worried if the ISP bumps the speeds to 5gb in the future. Would pfSense be able to handle 5GB? Would the 8200 be better? I think 5gb for the 6100 might be pushing it. I do need the 10GB SFP+ ports so I can use DACs or LC fiber SFPs to my Unify gear. Any advise before I pull the trigger on the 6100?


What packages do you plan on running?

Right now I am running just a firewall.
I have remote VPN access for when I am on the road, but no heavy duty apps doing traffic monitoring or anything like that.


Based on the performance metrics posted I’d say it would be good for what you are wanting to do.

Jealous about the fiber, wish I could get even a 500/500 fiber and hopefully a static IP for not a lot more money. No fiber where I am, and no one even thinking of running it. The cable plant hasn’t been upgraded in over 20 years and my area is in a bad way.

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Yeah it is a small town too, so they ran fiber on all the phone poles. Very happy with the pricing too.

So after adding a rack mount and comparing the perf numbers for the 6100 to the 8200, it looks like the 8200 provides almost double the performance for just a little more money (in the long it is not that much). So I ordered the 8200. That way I am covered if/when the fiber speeds are increased to 5Gb symmetrical. Dan

Good idea on the upper model firewall, more performance=better. I’d probably put Suricata on it and the ET free rules and go through the process of allowing the rules to make everything work. It can be a headache for a while, going through the GUI and clicking on the allow exception button on each warning. Once you get enough warnings out of the way, you can turn on blocking to start taking advantage of the application.