Netgate 6100 base or max? Logging and eMMC longevity?

Hi all,
Moving to netgate SG-6100. Currently testing SG-1100, 5 VLANs, pfblocker-devel, cable 200 down / 40 up.
Going to gigabit fiber.

Seen some forum members rec the 6100 Max version over the Base version.
Rationale: logging causes many writes and log turnarounds and 8GB eMMC may degrade and fail, leaving the entire appliance useless as the eMMC storage is not serviceable (eMMC soldered on board)

The 6100 Max version offers 128GB SSD upgrade from 8GB eMMC and is replaceable.


The question is do you plan to keep that many log files? My personal preference is for SSD.

Hi @LTS_Tom , good question and at present I can’t tell really. I’m using pfblocker-devel which logs a lot by default already. I wish to keep this unit for 5 years, possibly more. Who knows what logging I may wish to start doing next year, so I suppose the SSD will leave open more options.

If you are worried about the eMMC being worn out then go with the max model and have peace of mind about it.

Yes that is exactly what I’m going to do. It’s only a €132 more. In our country we pay €1015 for the base and 1147 for the max.