Netgate 6100 10GE SFP

Hello all,

Just wondering for anyone like me that is using the Netgate 6100 what the SFP you guys have had the best result with… I know when it come to SFP they have a ton of different brands. I just wonder if anyone company tend to have better SFP.


Do you need SFP+ 10GB modules, or could you get away with DAC cables if the label length is small enough.

Dac cables are faster than fibre - SFP+ DAC VS Fiber Latency: Copper Is Faster Than Fiber - YouTube

For dac cables, always used 10Gtek without any issues

Paul Thank you for this video. I will check think the 6100 and the MikroTeck CRS 328 Switch will both take Dac and thank you for posting that video!

Dac cables are just copper cables with the SPF modules already attached - comes as one piece cable

If the device has SPF / SPF+ ports., dac cables will work.

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