Netgate 4100 with possible unfi gear

Hi all,

New here. I just got a Netgate 4100.

I previously had a UDM with multiple few vlans 24 port unfi switch and 5 port switch.

I am hoping to set the 4100 as the main router firewall and still use the udm as a ap and the unfi controller. What is the best practice for this as far as configuration? How would I set this up? Would I be better dropping unfi and getting NETGEAR and some aura aps? Also what firewall rules would I need for isolation if I keep the dream machine as an ap/ controller?

You can use the UDM within a pfsense setup, but I would not -

How to Use The UniFi Dream Machine Pro With pfsense - YouTube
UDM Pro Behind pfsense configuration - YouTube

I would

Install Unifi controller on a windows machine, or create a virtual machine with Unifi Controller on.
Reset the unifi devices and adapt them into the new controller.