Netgate 1537 SFP+ DACs and Transceivers

Hi Team (Especially Tom!),

Been a long time follower on YouTube and have been in the pfSense field since Tom turned me on to it all those moons ago.

I am asking a broad question to the forum and the pfSense team at Lawrence Systems in relation to the Netgate 1537.

Out of the box it has the 2xGBe and 2xSFP+ ports without any expansion module required.

Does anyone have any ideas/recommendations on SFP+ compatibility in the Fibre Transceiver or DAC field with these devices?

To add another curve ball; The Netgate 1537 needs to link to the SFP+ of an Aruba 2930F.

Please let me know any suggestions, all help is greatly appreciated.

I have had plenty of dealings with, but I don’t know which of their SFP+ modules will work on the Netgate 1537.

Kind Regards,

Use Intel ones on the Netgate side and Aruba ones on the Aruba side.