Netdada and pfSense

I found an old YouTube video and wonder if anybody knows the latest info on using netdata with pfSense?


NetData currently has issues with FreeBSD

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Hi @ssheridan, could you please explain what you mean by issues? The only open bug report I could find related to freeBSD is, but perhaps we’ve missed something important? Could you please mention the specific open issues on the netdata repo, or create a new issue and mention it here? We’ll get right on it! :slight_smile:d

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I’m an fairly heavy user of FreeBSD, the last time I tried netdata on FreeBSD was v11-something and had terrible issues with system resources being consumed. It was tried on different hardware and multiple fresh installs - all resulting in consuming more resources than the whole system :stuck_out_tongue:
Gave up in the end as too time consuming for the effort.

I haven’t tried it with FreeBSD 12, but as op is referring to pfSense which is v11 of FreeBSD which is where I hadn’t had much luck.

Must admit, haven’t tried it for a while. Quite happy to re-test on both FreeBSD 11.3 and 12.1, in fact will do, excuse for another video :slight_smile:

That would be awesome! Netdata should be using minimal resources. If you see anything at all that seems off, please create an issue in GitHub and reference it here as well. As I said before, we’ll treat it with high priority.

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So I set up a FreeBSD 12.1 machine and installed netdata (from binary packages) has been running for a couple of days and seems to be fine and stable.

Will try it on an 11.3

@cakrit any plans to distribute Netdata as pfSense package ?

Have you encountered problems with the FreeBSD distributions? We don’t have any plans for a pfSense package, but the community largely drives the project. So, if there is sufficient interest (and someone who can assist with guidance and testing), we could look into it.

You got my voice, I’d like to see it as package !

It works fairly well on FreeBSD after trying it

How did you set it up ?

PS: I am hesitant to install anything on my router box if it’s not pfSense package