Netage- Partner?

I try to search the forum and see if this question had already been asked but didn’t see this before… That being said has anyone order a Netgate appliance from one of the partners listed off the Netgate site and found one that had good customer service?


We buy ours direct from Netgate and most often tell people to do the same.


That is the best way. More assurance and vetted company.

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Thank you! As always glade I have you guys looking out for me!

We purchased two 7100 1U firewalls from Netgate directly. One month into service, we had a power supply failure. We did not purchase support or anything like that.

I emailed support, and not only did I get a response in about an hour, but they also had a complete RMA issued. They repaired my firewall and sent it back to me.

I will always purchase directly from Netgate after that level of support.


Nice! Yea I didn’t know you could go direct… I will for sure buy it gear straight from Netgate.