Negate 8200 SFP+ VLAN


I recently bought the new Negate 8200 and when I was reading the documentation to see what SFP+ cables were supported I saw the note that VLANs weren’t supported on x552/x553 SFP+ interfaces. They link to the source from Intel but that was last updated in November of 2021.

Has anyone had luck getting VLANs to work on the SFP+ ports on the 8200? The 8200 uses a C3xxx chip similar to the 6100, so if you have a 6100 with VLANs on the SFP+ ports that’d likely answer my question too.

I’d rather have PFSense manage the VLANs but I am plugging it into a Ubiquiti layer 3 switch so I believe (I’ve never used a L3 switch before) I can setup the VLANs there accordingly if needed.

Thanks and looking forward to your 8200 review Tom!

We have and are using the Netgate 8200 and it supports VLANs just fine on the SFP+ interfaces.

Great! That was what I thought, thanks for confirming.