Need Untangle HW suggestions for Symmetric Gigabit Internet


Looks like the trusty Asus RT-AC3100 (FW: RMerlin 384.17) is just not able to keep up with the Symmetrical Gigabit fiber connection from our ISP, so we are in need of an upgraded solution.

I definitely want to shy away from another consumer AIO solution and would prefer something with some more oomph that will definitely last us a few years. Maybe with the potential for WAN aggregation of 2x internet connections (possibly both being symmetric gigabit connections if I can finagle the ISP into it)


  • IoT (wifi) : ~10-15 devices
  • Camera (wifi): 4 devices
  • Computers: 5-6 (1x Wifi6 capable)
  • Smart Devices: 6 (3x Wifi6 capable)
  • Guest Devices: 1-30 at any given time.

Home Stats:

  • Fiber to ONT > ETH to Home
  • Home: 1600 sqft Finished (Approx 2200-2400sqft Total)
  • Floors: 2 (~1100-1200sqft per floor)
  • Currently we are 100% wireless in the house

Future Plans:

  • Centralize WAN Drop to future Network Closet
  • Install Network Rack/Cabinet
  • Install about 20-30 ETH drops throughout the house.
  • Far Future Plans for when Wifi6 becomes readily available
    • POE drops for IP Camera and Wifi6 AP’s.

Network Needs:

  • Handle Symmetric Gigabit service (Throughput of 2Gbps)
  • Potential for WAN Aggregation of 2x Symmetric Gigabit connections (Throughput of 3Gbps+)
  • Currently support 2 demanding users will be more in the near future when we have a couple of friends move in (That stream to Twitch, Facebook, and other mobile platforms simultaneously)
  • Able to push large amounts of data without sneezing. (Video Uploads)
  • Able to Stream Security Camera Feeds in HD.
  • Guest Access Control (playing with the idea of Captive Portal or similar feature for this)
  • IoT device isolation

Settled on the Untangled platform over pFSense/OPNSense

Knowing that Untangled is the system of choice, what hardware suggestions would you suggest? Should I be looking at an SBC/MiniPC solution like a QOTOM or Protectli device? Should I be looking at something DIY as the MiniPC’s don’t have the power to support Symmetric speeds w/ security & firewall features enabled?

Additional Info that May/May Not be useful)

  1. If I remember correctly I cannot bypass the ONT unless I get business class internet through my ISP, so fiber to the router/managed switch isn’t a possibility.
  2. I’ve considered a UDM Pro as it’s more than capable to get full gigabit speeds with IDS/IPS enabled, but backed off this solution based on the communities current viewpoint of the device not being production ready yet.

My Research

Just about everything I’ve found on the net is either many years old, talks about # of devices it can handle, or the users internet speeds on gig service are on average around 1000/50 and for those with companies that don’t gimp them have upto 1000/200, not symmetric 1000/1000 speeds. I sort of think that people are content with what they get, even if it’s only 600Mbps because it’s so much faster than what they had before.

Thanks for any suggestions given, and if you have any questions for me please let ask away :slight_smile: I’m more than happy to answer.

Although I mention Untangle being my preference, it doesn’t leave pFsense or OPNSense off the table. I just liked the feature set offered in Untangle v15 in comparison. And it seems a lot of people like the platform.

I plan on testing out all three on a less than ideal setup this weekend just to test ease of use, how to set it up, etc… (System -> Dell Optiplex 7060 USFF w/ 2x non-Intel USB3 to ETH adapters - will it work? Probably, but who knows)

From experience, the USB adapters will be a problem.

That custom build computer should be able to handle a lot. Wish I had more info for you, but my home internet is woefully slow. I will say that the Intel atom 2758 at work had no problems at gigabit speeds with pfsense, Suricata, an openvpn, e2guardian, and probably something I’m forgetting running on it.

Looking at the loads I can put on it, an old HP T620+ might do what you need, and only around $160.

I did see that USB NICs do have a tendency to have issues, which is why I won’t use this in a production capacity. But I should be able to at least test out each distro to get a feel for them and figure out which one will work best.

Now to find the hardware.

Fanless and low wattage would be nice, but not necessary.

Not to Hijack your thread but, i just moved from Untangle to another brand, I have my AMD quad core Nuc for sale that has untangle 15.x latest on it. I’m asking 150$ for it plus some shipping. It has a 128gig ssd 2 gig ethernet ports 2 pare wireless cards Power adapter and 8 gigs ram installed.

You see my post.? I ran Untangle 15.x on this.

Just saw your post. I will have to get back to you on that.