Need Tool to Discover Ubiquiti Antennas on Different IP Range in LAN

Hello ,

I have a network with many Ubiquiti antennas. Unfortunately, we lost the documentation along with the IP addresses of the antennas. I need to add a new antenna and I’m looking for a tool that can help me discover all the Ubiquiti antennas on the local network, similar to SADP for Hikvision. The antennas are not in the same IP range as my LAN; they are connected to a trunk port on Cisco switches.

I tried WiFiman, but it seems to only work for devices on the same LAN.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

You could dig up all the MAC prefixes that match Ubiquiti MAC_Find: Search results for "Ubiquiti" (Vendor/Ethernet/Bluetooth MAC Address Lookup and Search) from the DHCP tables or use a a tool such as

already knows to address through the ARP table but cannot find the IPs

Take a look at the arp-scan manual.

Start by scanning the smallest plausible subnets first and go up from there.

# assuming debian/ubuntu
apt install arp-scan

# scan configured interface & subnet
arp-scan --localnet

# scan particular range on specified interface
arp-scan --interface=eth0

Just just over 4 minutes to scan a /16 here, you’ve been warned :grin:.

Net Bits Block Size
/24 256
/20 4096
/16 65K
/12 1M
/8 16M

Here is a free tool I use a lot for this kind of thing: