Need to Recover data from from an uninitialized HDD with cyclic redundancy check error


I need help to either repair a HDD or recover data from it.
It shows up in disk management as uninitialized. When I try to initialize, I get the Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Check).

Is there a way to fix the error and initialize the disk? OR Is there a way to recover the data from the HDD as is?


  • The drive does not show in diskpart util.
  • I cant use chdsk because the HDD doesn’t have a drive letter.
  • So far, I have used Easeus Data Recovery. It scanned for 5 hours, wasn’t find anything. I got a little impatient and stopped it. Then I started a new scan with Disk Drill. Was still scanning at time of the post. Going to leave that overnight to see if I make some headway.

Edit: The disk drill scan stopped after about 8 hours with an error that the drive couldn’t be detected.

Sorry to hear that but sounds like the drive is just about dead or well on it’s way to be. We really don’t do data recovery much, we send it out to places that specialize in it.

Try they may be able to recovery the data off the platters.

Have you tried booting from a Linux live distro and looking? Something like this or